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Guangdong China-Australia Hi-Tech New Technology Service Center Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Zhong'ao Hi-Tech New Technology Service Center Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Hi-Tech") is a high-end industrial technology service company specializing in large-scale environmental protection and large-scale health care. Since its establishment in June 2014, it has been committed to providing high-end services to the transformation and upgrading of the top 1% of traditional industries in China. "Alliance of global technology, leading the development of China" is our vision and relentless pursuit.
Light duty production operations, speed up marketing efforts, become the country's leading industrial service providers
Core Products

Company's core product - high-end industrial services

To high-end industrial services as the goal, technology as a means to adhere to the industrial technology leader, the new market service and strengthen the business as a bridge and function of the upstream and downstream industries bridge, only to maintain the core technology and product manufacturing to achieve asset management.
Positioning in the field of environmental protection, adhere to the "transfer + localization" double track mode, access to a stable cash flow. Light asset production and management, speed up marketing efforts to become the country's leading industrial service providers.

Hope to technology as a link for the customer chain, strong chain and chain extended to provide a full range of specialized solutions
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Years of environmental protection industry line of experience to provide you with a good living environment
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